Our Products

Every day we ask ourselves, "How can we make this better?" Every day we find answers. At ASI, you will see one of the world's most advanced exhaust manufacturing facilities and body stamping processes. This includes automated and robotic welding, robotic transfers and computerized pipe bending. To assist with quality control, we employ Pokayoke -- fail-safe technology that guards against defects. Pokayoke finds possible faults in the manufacturing process before they occur. Constant evolution and refinement of manufacturing processes eliminates waste and operator error.

Constant evolution and refinement of the manufacturing process eliminates waste, increases safety and maximizes production with 100% quality at every stage.

ASI members and our manufacturing processes focus on customer satisfaction. It's our number-one priority. How do we achieve this? We understand the needs of our customers and their businesses. We apply personal attention and care to detail. We then focus on responsive delivery of highest quality manufactured assemblies.

Our philosophy of JIT (Just In Time) provides our customers with the exact quantity needed at the precise time.

JIT saves time and money on materials and inventories, offering the opportunity to provide our products at the lowest possible cost. It's part of our entire system to make our customers 100% satisfied. This has resulted in many lasting friendships around the world!

Innovative, thinking people sharing ideas -- at ASI, our members are constantly finding ways to improve the manufacturing and operating process. This continuous improvement is called -- Kaizen. We value the ability to bring forth good ideas from every member, and we achieve this through solid teamwork and educational programs. At ASI, our success and improvement comes from a steady flow of communication. There is no such thing as a "good idea" if it isn't heard.